How to Use the ShareTree App

Basic Functions

Thank you for installing the ShareTree App, and your Curiosity for starting your journey towards character education. Get started by watching this video from our founder and CEO Steven Farrugia who will introduce the basic functions of the app.



Accepting Leaves


Intermediate Functions


Starting & Managing Groups

Now you have the basics down, find out how you can setup a Group on ShareTree.

Group Roles

Roles & Capabilities of Group Members

Editing Privacy Settings

ShareTree App helps users connect and helps charities connect with potential volunteers. As such, basic information is shared.


Privacy is important and should you wish to do so, you’ll be able to restrict access to your profile via the Privacy Settings so that you won’t come up in any searches. Please see the instructions below:

Log Out / Deleting your Account

While you are in Edit Privacy Settings mode (see above section), scroll down and you will see the option to either Log out or to Delete your account. 

NOTE: Once accounts are deleted, we will be unable to recover them.