Keynote Speaking & Coaching


If you are looking to add impact & credibility, build audience energy & inspiration, provide fresh perspectives, deliver new techniques & ideas, build more unified community or just motivate and show that you value your teams, a good Keynote speaker and coach will add significant value and heightened engagement to take your corporate or social event and aspirations to the next level.


Our facilitators are highly experienced corporate and social speakers and coaches offering over 30 years national and international business experience; and have rich backgrounds in personal development, mentoring and coaching with proven sustainable results.

Program Facilitators

Steven Farrugia profile picture

Master Facilitator, Coach & Keynote Speaker

Leading Character StrengthSelf-Discipline, Wisdom, Resilience

Topics of Expertise – Psychologically Safety, Culture, Strategy, Continuous Improvement, Social Entrepreneurship, Technology, Character, Leadership & Psychology

Professional Experience – 15 years global experience with Robert Bosch and 17 years in consulting to over 650+ organisations and thousands of leaders to inspire high performance in people and processes by enhancing, efficiency, connection, achievement, appreciation, trust, innovation, and purpose.

Social Entrepreneur with a start-up success rate 65%+ (global avg <5%).

Awards – RMIT SAMME Award Highest G.P.A. Score, Finalist VIC Young Achievers Award

Life Experience – Visual Dyslexia, Sexual Abuse, Travel, Family, Relationship Coach, Meditation Coach, Thai Boxing Coach, Character Coach, Mental Health & Wellbeing


Rhys Jaconley profile picture

Master Facilitator, Coach & Keynote Speaker

Leading Character StrengthTrustworthiness, Enthusiasm, Truthfulness

Topics of Expertise –  Communication & Relationships, Culture, Conflict Resolution, Organisational Justice, Self-Managing Teams, Character, Crisis Response

Professional Experience – 8 years direct experience in trauma-informed conflict resolution, stakeholder engagement, governance, building cross-functional teams and business growth. Experience building and growing businesses across a range of phases from start-up to legacy. Helped resolve over 500 disputes ranging 2-200 participants across 3 states, 5 diverse cultures and over 50 organisations.

Awards – ADR awards 2020 – Community Mediator of the Year Australia

Life Experience – Relationship Coach, ADHD, Cross-Cultural Competence, Compassion Fatigue & Burnout, Counter-Culture, Suicide Intervention, Mutual Aid Communities & Positive Masculinity

Shanaka Jayakody profile picture

Master Facilitator, Coach & Keynote Speaker

Leading Character Strength – Inspiration, Purposefulness, Commitment

Topics of Expertise – Inspiring Purpose, Character Coaching, Mental Health, Wellbeing, Entrepreneurship, Career Advisory

Professional Experience – 11 years of experience in entrepreneurship and education with over 12,000 hours in coaching, mentoring and facilitation of over 1000 students aged 16-21 across Australia to activate their purposeful potential whilst transitioning to university and the workforce. Achieved an 8x higher success rate than the national average with students being selected into medical school based on character and competency.

Awards – Mensa Member Global High IQ Society, 99th Percentile Bloomberg Aptitude Test

Life Experience – Suicide, Family Trauma, Meditation, Character Coach, Emotional Coach

Keynote speaking experience at over 70+ global events and won numerous awards. Key events include keynote at Golden Keys, Social Innovation Summit, Australian Leadership and Culture Summit, National Education Summit, RUOK Day, National HR Summit, World Kindness Day, World Gratitude Day, Global Character Conference, Global Innovation Summit just to name a few.

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