Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Inspiring authentic connections where performance and wellbeing can thrive together.

Our Vision

Empowering people who care, to create ripples of change using science, training and technology.

Our Character

Our Primary Values


Our Secondary Values 


Our Ethos

Educate Character – Creating an accessible and sustainable character and culture education model for leaders, teachers, students, parents, and communities – by aligning and evolving best practices.

"Leadership mindsets can have
5 X impact on team culture."

Our programs:

  • feature interactive workshops and coaching support
  • provide the formula for character development
  • enable the transformation of team culture into thriving states of unity, productivity and innovation.

Engage Cultures – Improving clarity, well-being, and performance in Organisational Cultures by facilitating authentic connections between people based on the character strengths that they see in each other every day.


The ShareTree App lets teams make technology-enabled character acknowledgments to help form authentic and meaningful connections. You can then aggregate these connections to reveal the real living culture of an organisation. 


Monthly culture reporting and insights can lead to strategic actions that help you create the culture towards which you aspire.

Empower Community – Connecting individuals and organisations with purpose-aligned community volunteering initiatives in order to

  • support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • accelerate sustainable evolution.

Empower Awareness – Promoting people and organisations who foster equity, ecology and evolution through

  • validated ShareTree Standards of income equity ratio of less than             30:1, and
  • directing five percent or more of organisational profits to
         not-for-profit organisations or charities.

Empower Others – Our Certified ShareTree Culture Practitioner Partners empower other businesses, coaches and consultants to deploy our cutting-edge Culture Technologies.

We are a registered Charity Organisation,
evolving character, culture and community,
so people can live with greater purpose and gratitude.