Our Social Impact

Charity as a Service

We don’t believe community impact has to be a burden to the community! ShareTree has developed a progressive model of “Charity as a Service” that improves mental health and wellbeing and as a result improves the effectiveness and performance of organisations. We provide a value adding service to organisations that generates revenue and surplus, this is our way of fundraising. Even though we have DGR status and appreciate donations, we also fund raise by implementing needed solutions that at the same time prevent mental health strain and improves wellbeing and culture. Prevention is much more effective than treatment!

By investing in ShareTree science based solutions, your organisation is supporting the advancement of mental health, wellbeing and human performance through character education, culture engagement and community empowerment. All investments are 100% tax deductible and qualify for social procurement spending. 


The ShareTree Charity is further progressive by leading with a model rarely seen among general charities.

For example, most charitable organisations work on the symptoms of societal issues:

    • assisting the homeless
    • caring for the mentally unwell
    • feeding the hungry
    • and educating the underprivileged.

In contrast, ShareTree Charity focuses on working at the root cause of many of the issues through a prevention model – rather than a reactive model to symptoms.

The need for supporting the symptoms of a strained society is still needed and supported – however ShareTree mostly focuses on tackling the societal issues at its core in the following three ways:

    • Alleviating the root causes of depression, loneliness and isolation that ultimately leads to suicide, medication and/or care. Through technology assisted connections – founded on proven, science-based methods related to gratitude, character growth and community engagement – ShareTree connects people, builds their psychological resilience, and fosters connection and community engagement. There is a growing demand for the technology and services provided by ShareTree which the mainstream market is not meeting.
    • Aligning the skills and purpose of individuals and corporate volunteers to support and advance the work of community organisations; these organisations include both NGOs, and registered charities, that are alignment with the UN SGDs. In facilitating connections, we strengthen the effectiveness and sustainability of these NGOs and charities.
    • Alleviating the root cause of poverty – which stems from the disparity in wealth and income distribution. The rising disparity in income ratio between workers continues to create pressure on the lower-class. This forces people to remain constrained within a cycle that limits education, stifles development of gifts and creates struggles to sustain the living costs of life. This effect flows through generations and creates a continued issue with underdeveloped potential and poverty that leads to homelessness and emotional strain. ShareTree engages team cultures – through a model of empowering teams, ShareTree gently brings to light the income ratio of a team and the percentage of organisational profits that feed back to community benefit. The current income disparity globally is greater than 276:1. ShareTree’s target is to shift this to a balance of 30:1 – meaning no person in an organisation will earn more than 30 times more than the lowest income earner, including all dividends and benefits.

These integrate a focus between the well and the needy to foster organic sustainable improvement.

The ShareTree App is provided freely to people and organisations as a preventative and restorative solution to mental health and well-being.
ShareTree is creating change aligned to our purpose every day.

We are a registered Charity Organisation,
evolving character, culture and community,
so people can live with greater purpose and gratitude.