Our Disruptive Focus


One percent of the world’s population earns more than 40 percent of the income. Meanwhile, more than 56 percent of the global population earns less than two percent of the global income. (Source – Credit Sussie Global Wealth 2019)

We believe that inequity:
    • limits people’s opportunity, education, and human potential
    • stifles the gifts that they have to offer the world
    • causes unnecessary suffering, crime and environmental harm to our planet.

Income and wealth create opportunities and life comforts. However, studies show it has a limited impact on people’s wellbeing beyond US$140k/year in developed countries – and less for emerging countries.

The simple question is this:

“In a family of 100 people, would you give just one person 44 percent of the earnings from everyone’s effort, 10 people 39 percent, 33 people 15 percent and leave the remaining 56 people to try live on two percent of the family’s income?”

That’s what is happening with the human family!

At ShareTree we promote change through educating, engaging, and empowering people and organisations to foster equity, ecology, and evolution.


We identified the following issues via a systems engineering process of root cause analysis:

    • Excessive accumulation of income and opportunity by a small proportion of society
    • Distorted societal focus in value systems, which promotes the notion of “success” related mostly to money rather than good character
    • Government policies globally lack checks and balances to prevent overleveraging – and putting a CAP on CAPitalism
    • Global education lacks balance between character and academic development
    • Lack of authentic connection between people, and a lack of an appreciation of diversity
    • Corporate structures that primarily focus on profit, which lack balance, and that fail to give back to their community or protect the environment
    • Society undervaluing the core roles of Elders, Carers, Educators and Land Custodians.

We are a registered Charity Organisation,
evolving character, culture and community,
so people can live with greater purpose and gratitude.