4 reasons why combat sports were so popular in 2021

    Many movies, songs, comic books, and even TV shows have had UFC fighters and other combat athletes as guests. Several movies and songs, with heroes from these sports as the central themes, have achieved cult status. The movie Rocky based on the life of boxing star Rocky Balboa is a perfect example. The film itself and the theme song, Gonna Fly Now, are iconic symbols of sporting glory.

    Over the last five years, legendary fighters have graced the sports whose popularity and star status have gone far beyond their sport. Let’s take the Irish martial art superstar Conor McGregor as an example. He enjoys the status that Michael Jordan has in basketball. No wonder Jordan features in Michael Jackson’s song, Jam.

    Even those who didn’t follow basketball would readily identify Jordan. It’s no different with McGregor. People who have even a passing interest in combat sports know who Conor McGregor is. Athletes like him can do wonders in making their sport popular and raise the viewership of their bouts phenomenally.

    Combat sports training is a refreshingly new alternative to burn calories and raise your fitness. When training for combat sports, you are into a wide range of sparring/grappling drills, running/sprinting, pad work, and calisthenic exercise. Such a wide variety of skills you need to focus on makes things far more interesting.

    Several gyms have started training on these disciplines, which is helping in the rise of fighters from different corners of the world. It reflects the rising mass appeal of combat sports that has induced people into experiencing the thrill of combat sports first-hand.

    Of late, political messaging has risen in highly commercialized team sports. There have been many occasions when players and even teams have lost no opportunity to promote specific social causes or bring the spotlight on political issues.

    Some claim that such actions have dented the viewership of these sports to some extent. Data collected by Marist Poll shows that while 46% of the viewers said that political messaging made no difference to their decision to watch the sport or not, 32% did say it was likely that they would discontinue watching.

    Thus, political messaging is the unlikely culprit even if sports viewership has dropped somewhere. It does not seem to be the case for combat sports. After all, they are highly fascinating.

    It’s nail-biting stuff, and you never can tell when a fighter turns the tables on their opponents. Of course, it is possible to lose access to specific networks and channels, especially when traveling.

    Thus, it is natural for users to look for other ways to see their favorite athletes in the ring or on the track. For this purpose, use a Virtual Private Network to unblock apps for streaming the match you want. After all, a VPN hides your IP address and lets you choose the location you present to services. Then, you can escape geo-blocks and pick a country that does not block access to a specific website or app.

    There has been a significant rise in the popularity of combat sports among females because of the rise of female fighters. Female and male fighters are seen competing in the same events, giving confidence for new fighters to gradually enter the scene.

    Also, female MMA fighters are seen to enjoy equal fame as their male counterparts. They also have a fair share of males among their fans.

    It’s not possible to identify a single reason for the popularity of combat sports. Combat sports personalities have inspired popular culture creations, further popularizing sports. They are now a great way to remain fit. Remaining apolitical has helped combat sports gain mass popularity cutting across faiths and beliefs. With many female athletes, combat sports are equally popular among females.


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