boxing. Concert at Gillard at Espace Louis Simon on February 19

    On Saturday 19 February at the Espace Louis Simon gymnasium in eGaillard, at 7.30 pm, Annemasse Gaillard Fight Académie (Agfa) will present a boxing ceremony that will include 8 amateur fights and 3 professional fights. Amateur boxers from the frontiers as well as professional boxers from the club will participate in the ring.

    In the pro, the evening will start with Bonneville Naim Bilahsin in the welterweight category, his opponent being a boxer from Lyon. Then the lightweight young Henry Manga Agfa will fight his third fight after two victories in his previous fights. He hopes to remain undefeated against Parisian Frederic Bass, a more experienced boxer than him who will play his seventh fight.

    The final pro fight of the evening will see local Lakhdar Ozar take part in the super heavyweight ring. Lakhdar Aouzar is still losing to Belgium for the Benelux champion title against a local boxer. Lakhdar Ozar will face Rochefort’s boxer, Gary Mohit. It should be noted that Gary Mouhet, who practices various contact sports, was the world champion in Muay Thai.

    Another beautiful celebration in perspective, prepared with the utmost care by President Pierre Cachon and his Agfa team, who announced a little surprise for this evening, in which spectators should see the Mayor of the Anamas conglomerate at an exhibition…

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