Jarred Brooks thinks Demetrious Johnson will surprise Rodtang in the striking department

    ONE Championship’s 10-year extravaganza dubbed ONE X is stacked with epic battles. One of which is the much-talked-about special rules contest between Demetrious Johnson and Rodtang Jitmuangnon.

    Plenty of analysts, martial artists, and fans have weighed in on whether or not MMA GOAT Demetrious Johnson can get past the Muay Thai world champion and leave the circle with an epic career win. In a recent interview, ONE’s wild child strawweight Jarred Brooks offered his view.

    Brooks told The AllStar’s senior MMA match John Hyon Ko:

    “Rodtang definitely has a disadvantage. He’s been working on his sprawls and jiu-jitsu, which I don’t think he’s ever done. So, you’ve got somebody miles ahead of him. And you got Demetrious, Demetrious isn’t no slouch on his feet, man. He has movement. And a lot of those Muay Thai guys are just right in front of you looking to elbow or kick each other and see where it goes from there.”

    Brooks also believed Johnson would be a bigger problem for Rodtang than the other way around:

    “Demetrious is super smart, and he uses his movement…and the only way I see Rodtang winning is if he caught him with a really hard hook. Like a really, really hard hook or a straight elbow or something like that. I don’t really see Rodtang as a threat to Demetrious as much as Demetrious being a threat to Rodtang.”

    Watch Jarred Brooks discuss the fight between Johnson and Rodtang below:

    Jarred Brooks feels it’ll be over for Rodtang if Demetrious Johnson survives opening frame

    The pair’s special rules bout, set for Saturday, March 26, will be contested at flyweight. The odd-numbered rounds in the 61.2kg battle are set to be scored under Muay Thai rules, and the even-numbered rounds will be judged based on MMA rules. Each frame will run for three minutes.

    Both men possess world-class talent in their respective disciplines. However, with the mixed rulesets, anything could happen when a striker like Rodtang faces off against a creative and talented grappler like Demetrious Johnson.

    Brooks feels that Demetrious Johnson and Rodtang stand an equal chance at victory in this special rules four-round contest.

    ‘The Monkey God’ said in the interview:

    “I think Demetrious is probably going to choke him out, and in the first round, Rodtang is gonna get really pissed off, and he’s going to be doing that [imitates how Rodtang teases opponents to fight in the circle]. If Demetrious plays into that, Rodtang is gonna hit him really hard. And it’s not going to be good for Demetrious. But If Demetrious doesn’t play that game and gets past the first round, then yes.”

    Edited by Saiyed Adeem Karim

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