Paras Gupta wins HS Bhogal Memorial 6 Red Snooker Tournament

    In a battle of fluctuating fortunes, it was 5 all in the best of eleven final, and in the eleventh frame, a stalemate occurred on the Green/Black ball. Black was stuck on the pocket and green by its side, both the players wanted to play safe and were touching the green slowly without disturbing the black to avoid the black pot. The slightest touch on the black would push it into the pocket, resulting in a fowl, as the target ball was green.

    The stalemate continued for another three minutes before the referee called it a re-rack after consulting both the players and they both agreed. Re Rack after consulting both the players and they both agreed. Re-Rack is a term in snooker when a stalemate exists and the immediate option is called Re-Rack.

    Paras Gupta won HS Bhogal Memorial 6 Red Snooker Tournament

    In the Re-Rack frame, Paras Gupta showed his class and won with comfortable ease by capitalizing on the opponent’s mistake. Avinash conceded the eleventh frame when he needed two games of snooker. Paras won the second title in Delhi. Avinash remained a runner-up. He had also won Amit Sharma Memorial Snooker a few months back.

    Earlier in the semifinal stages, Paras defeated Luv Kukreja 5-4 and Avinash defeated Divya Sharma 5-2. Avinash was leading by 4-3, but Paras pulled up his socks and played some vintage Snooker to the delight of the capacity audience that included the President, Players Association of India, Vijay Goel, and President DBSA gave away the prizes.

    Vikram Singh, son of Shri HS Bhogal, was also present in the tournament. An emotional Ravi Tandon said we have lost an able administrator his void will hardly be filled.

    (Media Release)

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