Superbon watches Rodtang’s insane workout routine

    Kickboxing world champion Superbon Singha Mawynn went to visit Muay Thai champion Rodtang Jitmuangnon to check out his training routine ahead of ONE 157 on May 20.

    Superb shared Rodtang’s training routine video was shared on his YouTube channel, saying:

    “I’m going to train with Rodtang for one day and I’ll bring you guys along to see how things are going.”

    Watch this video for the Muay Thai ace’s insane workout schedule:


    Here is a breakdown of his workout schedule. ONE Flyweight Muay Thai champion Rodtang goes jogging six days a week. Three of these days he does 15 km, the other three days he does eight km. This means that per week, he runs a whopping 69 kilometers, nearly 43 miles.

    After getting back from the jog, he does Muay Thai pad work for 10 minutes followed by 10 minutes of boxing padwork. Next is lunch and he takes a rest before heading back to the gym.

    After a short break, R. Jitmuangnon returns to the gym for more. For the evening training session, he does 20 to 25 minutes of Muay Thai or Boxing sparring. He then follows this up with 40 minutes of pad work. For his final daily workout, he does a few rounds of shadow boxing.

    This is an incredible daily workout and certainly what it costs to be a world champion.

    Rodtang will next fight at ONE 157 on May 20 at the ONE Flyweight Muay Thai Grand Prix.

    Rodtang at ONE 157

    The flyweight Muay Thai champion will face English Muay Thai striker Jacob Smith in the opening round of the tournament. Smith may be making his debut in ONE, but Jitmuangnon, 23, is taking this fight very seriously.

    In an interview with ONE Championship, here’s what Jitmuangnon said about his May 20 opponent Jacob Smith:

    “He is the most dangerous of the group. If I get through Jacob Smith, the following fights might be easier… My opponent in this fight is considered really good at Muay Thai rules. As far as I have studied him from videos, I watched how he fights. He is awesome at Muay Thai. I can’t be careless. I’m meeting him in the first round of this tournament, but it’s not going to be easy. His build is large, too. I’ m a little concerned.”

    The 23-year-old champion holds a Muay Thai record of 267-43-10 professionally and has been in combat sports for his entire life. Most recently, he fought in a mixed rules contest against MMA great Demetrious Johnson.

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