What Pedro Has Been Up To Since Season 3 Ended

    Pedro Jimeno’s storyline on The Family Chantel season 3 captivated many viewers. Here’s what Chantel’s husband has been up to since filming ended.

    Pedro Jimeno had a very emotional time on The Family Chantel season 3, which has left many viewers invested in his storyline. The husband of Chantel Jimeno underwent an emotional journey that many fans of the 90 Day Fiance spin-off show noted was surprisingly raw and raw for reality TV. In turn, Pedro has since let down some viewers after filming for The Family Chantel season 3 ended. Discover what the Dominican Republic native has been up to off-camera.

    Now that he is accepted into the chaotic Everett family, Pedro decided to do some digging into his own family during season 3. Pedro went on a mission to learn more about his estranged father, Pedro Sr., a man who was married to another woman while his mother had an affair with him and gave birth to both Pedro and his younger sister Nicole. Pedro discovered that his father was an amazing father to his legitimate children, which meant that Pedro had half-siblings. A shaken Pedro was supported by Chantel and her family, although Nicole and their mother Lidia were shockingly cruel to Pedro and mocked his desire to learn about his father. Though Pedro’s storyline was well-received by viewers, other information has come to light since filming.


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    Many The Family Chantel viewers were disappointed to discover that Pedro’s emotional journey was at least partially staged. Though Pedro was debating meeting his half-siblings, old photos resurfaced and revealed that Pedro and Chantel had already met them many years ago. Therefore, Pedro had lied about what he knew about his family. While this fact disappointed many fans, Pedro has not lost that much fan support. Pedro’s Instagram, @pedrojosejrjimeno, is currently followed by over 375,000 fans. Even though this is less than half of his wife’s 800,000 Instagram followers, Pedro still has many fans who are invested in seeing his selfie photos and hyping him up online.

    Despite Pedro’s many solo photos on Instagram, he is still with Chantel post-filming. Pedro recently joined Chantel in celebrating her 31st birthday. While the couple doesn’t often post photos as a duo, there is zero indication that their marriage has any trouble. Nicole might have started rumors that Pedro slept with her best friend Coraima Morla, but they appear to be completely false. Meanwhile, Pedro has also been keeping up with Muay Thai boxing, as well as fitness overall. Pedro is also a gamer who streams on Twitch, which appears to be a newer development in his personal life.

    Overall, Pedro and Chantel appear to now have a healthy relationship on The Family Chantel. Chantel’s sister Winter Everett split from her long-term partner Jah after he broached the subject of polygamy shortly after proposing to her. Meanwhile, Pedro’s sister Nicole has been in a very rocky relationship with her boyfriend Alejandro Padron. Nicole took Alejandro back just to anger her older brother, though it’s uncertain if they are still together. Yew The Family Chantel gets picked up for a new season by TLC, viewers will likely be treated to more family drama from both the Everett and Jimeno families.

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    Source: Pedro Jimeno/Instagram

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