WTF: Lethwei, Muay Thai, knockouts and team MMA

    It’s no secret, the past week has been a very bad, not good one for the world. So with that in mind, hopefully we can inject a bit of levity from the wide wild world of sports into your day. We’ve got a dose of traditional martial arts on tap, some lethwei madness, some team MMA, and even a healthy dose of slap fighting for your entertainment. So, let’s watch some unorthodox combative highlights!

    We’ll get right to it where we usually begin these, our guy Jerry over at Fight Commentary Breakdowns.

    In the tradition of having more traditional martial arts practitioners taking on other styles or more modern MMA, we’ve got a pair of fights starting with a Taekwondo practitioner in a Muay Thai sparring session. And guess what? It’s quite good. It’s just sparring, it doesn’t get intense, but it’s got some good technique throughout.

    Later on in the video, Wing Chun specialist Qi La La takes on a kickboxer… and it doesn’t go great for him. Hey, he tried it. Gotta respect that.

    Next we’ve got some team MMA bouts that devolve into utter chaos, as they all do:

    Look, I have to be frank here and admit that team fights are not something I’m personally into. It just doesn’t appeal to me, not my thing. But this is still MMA-related and there’s an appetite for it. Also, as someone who doesn’t typically enjoy these, this set of fights isn’t that bad.

    Next up, some highlights courtesy of Radikal Videos. It’s a compilation of Muay Thai and Lethwei finishes that need to be seen to be believed.

    Also, here’s a collection of nothing but Muay Thai elbows with some masters at work, courtesy of Muay Thai Scholar:

    Then we’ve got YDA Channel, an absolute treasure when it comes to Lethwei. Here’s a rough match that as usual, brings out the grit and tenacity that these competitors need to succeed.

    Here’s more highlights from the Tel Aviv Grand Slam, with a showcase of Belgian talent Mathias Casse. This is courtesy of Judo Highlights, and this guy is really impressive to watch:

    We’ll finish things off with a wild battle courtesy of PunchDown slapfighting, and this was totally unexpected. Not even gonna get into spoiler territory. Just watch for yourself.

    So that’s it for this week, kids. There’s too much meanness in the world already, so please try to be kind. And remember – you might think you can fight, but there are many guys like you all over the world.

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