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Find out the latest features of the ShareTree App available on iOS & Android. Whenever an update is made, we will provide information on how you can use them to enhance your group culture, further develop your character education, or make a positive impact in someone’s life.

ST App v2.9 Guiding Statements

You can now add Guiding Statements to your Groups now to help members understand how your group’s aspirational qualities are meant to guide everyday actions & interactions within (and externally to) the group.


PRO TIP: Use this as an opportunity to start a discussion with your team members about how your Group’s Character Strengths manifest in day to day operations.


It’s the start of the new fin year. If you’d like some assistance running a culture workshop to review your organisation’s purpose & vision, please contact us via our Contact Form.

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Kevin Chin

ST App v2.1 Culture Posts

  Introducing Culture Posts! Group Admins can now make three types of posts within (and outside) the Group. They are:   Culture Activity – if you’re group is doing something together, eg a Company BBQ Community Benefit – for group outings to volunteer Achievement –

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